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24® Game DOUBLE DIGITS editions back in stock!!!

First In Math INDIVIDUAL Subscription (12mo)

Price: $29.95 (USD)
SKU:  61000-FIM-IND-12-A
Product  61000-FIM-IND-12-A

Ages 6 & up (Item #61000-FIM-IND-12)

First In Math allows children to practice, gain solid math skills and have a positive math experience.

  • Great for at-home use! Students can access the site 24/7
  • K-8 content from one-step addition to multi-step algebra
  • 200+ highly-engaging short-cycle games and word problems range from simple shape-matching to complex Critical Thinking
  • Improves basic numeracy, higher-order thinking skills
  • Significant results can be achieved in minutes a day
  • Includes exclusive online editions of the 24® Game

Play First in Math at home! Each subscription provides one User ID & Password. Individual players have access to the same site that schools do, including Skill Sets, Bonus Games and more. New 1 year subscription is $29.95. (No shipping charges)