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24® Game ADD/SUBTRACT & INTEGERS editions back in stock!!!

First In Math® - Online Order FAQs


How your FIM User ID & Password is provided.
When you have placed items in the Shopping Cart and completed the ordering process by clicking PLACE ORDER, you will see a Confirmation Page that contains your FIM User ID, Password and expiration date. Hit the "click here for printable receipt" link to print that page and save for reference.

If you have provided a valid email address, your login information will also be emailed to you, but as emails can often be mislabeled as junk or spam, we strongly recommend printing the Confirmation Page to keep a record of your FIM login(s).

Will the 24 Game login I created on this site work for FIM?
No. You are required to create a account to access our secure checkout page. That login is for the site only and is NOT your FIM login. Your FIM User ID, Password and license expiration date appear on Order Confirmation Page.