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24® Game Classroom Activities

Activity—Multiple solutions

Editions used: Variables; Algebra

Divide students into groups and draw a Variables or an Algebra card on the board. Give the class a time limit, for example 10 minutes, in which to make as many numbers, 1 through 9, work as they can. At the end of the time, have each group volunteer to give one number and their solution.

To create a “competition” repeat the above activity, except award a point to each group for each number used, giving bonus points if their group was the only one to use a certain number. Also, to encourage creative thinking, points can be awarded to groups who find solutions that no other group finds or that use an unusual pattern.

To increase difficulty, have students use two cards. For Algebra cards, the value chosen for x or y must solve both cards. For Variables cards, the variable number chosen must work in all four wheels.

Example: The value for x can be 4 for both cards.

x = 4;   so   x + 5 = 9

4 x 2 = 8
8 + 7 = 15
15 + 9 = 24

x = 4

9 – 1 = 8
8 x 4 = 32
32 – 8 = 24