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24® Game Classroom Activities

Activity—Multiple solutions

Editions used: Add/Subtract (2 Dot and 3 Dot cards only)

Select a card. Write the target number and the three numbers from the wheel that works on the board. Ask a student to give a solution.

Write the first answer on the board and ask if anyone can solve the card in a different way. Each card will have three different solutions. Repeat this activity with other cards, using only the numbers from the wheel that works, until students are comfortable with the concept of multiple solutions.

11 – 7 = 4
4 + 2 = 6

7 – 2 = 5
11 – 5 = 6

11 + 2 = 13
13 – 7 = 6

For further challenge, try these activities:

1) Draw both wheels from a card on the board. Students have to choose the wheel that works and discover three different solutions to make the target number. Have them write the solutions on paper. Solicit responses from the class and write them on the board for all to see and discuss. After the class has worked on this activity, students can work individually, in pairs or in small groups with cards you have given them from the deck. Repeat this activity as often as necessary, using various cards. This can easily be used as a warm-up activity.

2) Split the class into groups of three. Give each group several cards. One student chooses a card. Each student will give an alternate solution until all three are given. For further challenge, the first student has 30 seconds to state an answer, the second has 15 seconds and the third has 10 seconds. The student who answers last keeps the card and chooses the next card to be played.