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24® Game DOUBLE DIGITS editions back in stock!!!

Multiply/Divide Primer (Ages 8+)

Price: $23.95 (USD)
SKU:  32976
Product  32976

Ages 8 & up (Item #32976)

96 double-sided, 4'' x 4'' cards. 1 Dot, 2 Dot & 3 Dot cards offer three levels of difficulty. Easy 1 Dot cards start with two numbers on each wheel; more challenging 2 & 3 Dot cards have three numbers per wheel. The target numbers for 1 Dot & 2 Dot cards are 3 through 10. The target number for 3 Dot cards is always 24. Cards also have a self-check feature (answer on back).

How to play Multiply/Divide Primer. Card has two wheels and a white target number. Pick the wheel that makes the target number. You can add, subtract, multiply or divide. Use all numbers on the wheel, but use each only once.


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